Lawyer Services


Our attorneys can help with everything from the “basic” documents to mutigenerational trusts.

Generally, most clients need at least a Will, an Advance Medical Directive (or Living Will), and a Durable Power of Attorney. Depending on your circumstances and objectives, we may also recommend a Revocable Trust, a Testamentary Trust, an Irrevocable Trust, a Charitable Remainder Trust, or a combination of them. We will listen to your needs and goals and tailor a plan accordingly, taking into account estate and income tax ramifications. Although the planning process may seem complicated at first, we strive to make our documents understandable for our clients, and to avoid unnecessary or costly complications.


We offer comprehensive individual, fiduciary and partnership tax preparation services by our attorneys, including advice on tax planning, alternative strategies, and audits.

Few law firms prepare tax returns anymore, as most lawyers now tend to focus on compliance and enforcement. We take a different approach, and view our clients’ tax situation as an integral component of their estate and financial planning.


We handle estate administration in DC, Virginia and Maryland. When a loved one dies, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the steps that are necessary to wrap up the decedent’s affairs, and to carry out the decedent’s instructions as reflected by Will or Trust.

These steps may include filing the decedent’s Will, petitioning the local court for probate when necessary, filing the decedent’s final tax returns, searching out assets, distributing tangible property, selling real estate, setting up estate or trust accounts, preparing fiduciary accountings, filing estate returns when necessary, and obtaining proper receipts and releases for the distribut ion of property. Needless to say, it can be a daunting process. We will guide you through every step with much or as little guidance as you need.


Most people name a family member or close friend to serve as Personal Representative of their estate or Trustee of their trust. However that is not always an option, and there may be good reasons to name an independent professional to handle these responsibilities for you. Let us know if you have questions about what we can do and how it might work in your particular case.


Whether you come to us for estate or tax related services, we are committed to work together with your other advisors, even if our roles sometimes overlap. We view other professionals as our colleagues, not as adversaries, so we will do what we can to coordinate the various resources necessary to fulfill your planning objectives.